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13 Dec

Hello readers,

You may have noticed that there has been a lack in posting on this blog. This is because of the lack of views this blog receives. However, the original blog on Blogger is still going strong so I’ve decided to maintain it only.

For future posts, check out our Blogger page where like usual, I will be calling it as I see it!

The Canadian Political Scene – The Controversy Starts Here!


Who are the NDP? Separatists?

2 Aug

The NDP may have chosen Nycole Turmel as their interim leader, but that doesn’t change her previous separatist ties. While she claims that she joined the Bloc Quebecois in 2006 because a friend urged her too and didn’t like their principles, five years later, she now finds herself as interim leader of the NDP… If she really didn’t agree with the Bloc Quebecois, why would she have had a membership for five years? Not to mention that she is also a member of Quebec’s Quebec Solidaire Party which also puts Quebec sovereignty as their top priority.

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