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The Call for Smaller and More Efficient Government

20 Nov

The Liberal rebuilding process will be an interesting one to watch. While media commentators have written them off, membership has soared. In my riding, which went from Bloc Quebecois to NDP the last time around, the Liberals had the second biggest burst of membership in the country and doubled what they had before – with more people coming in.


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Conservative Economic Record Gets Slammed

10 Nov

Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae criticized the government's fiscal management Wednesday during a speech, and talked about his party's vision for economic prosperity.Liberal Interim Leader Bob Rae slammed the Tory’s recent financial statement and offered up his own recipe to fixing Canada’s ailing economy.


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NDP Supporters can Stop Supporting Turmel Now, Party Insiders have lost Confidence

5 Aug

NDP 'unease' surrounds Turmel's Bloc secrecy

It isn’t everyday that you hear of a federal opposition leader being secretly a part of a separatist party in the past. It isn’t everyday that the same person has two memberships with separatist parties and tries to brush them off saying that she believed in every value but separation. With two parties under her wing that share the separatist trait, and with 5 years of loyalty to them, it is no secret that she is a separatist and well, the NDP could have done much better than her anyway.

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The NDP and Conservatives Fail to Make Public Safety Top Priority

19 Jul

(Graham Hughes/The CANADIAN PRESS)The Champlain Bridge is crumbling down but for both the NDP and Conservatives, it isn’t a big issue. With the NDP only releasing a small statement and the Conservatives breaking their heads on how to deal with the documentation, bridge users – like myself – have absolutely no guarantee that the bridge will be replaced and there is no guarantee that the replacement will come before the bridge collapses and people die painful deaths as they plummet into the St. Lawrence.

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The NDP Inevitably Lost their Fight for Postal Workers

27 Jun

Jack Layton imposed a 58 hour filibuster to try to stall a Conservative back to work bill that would do more than just send postal workers back to work with a lower pay increase than the management’s last offer. As a result, Canadians can expect to get their mail on Tuesday and can expect a return to regular service. The bill easily passed in the house of commons on Saturday and easily passed through the senate on Sunday as both houses are held in majority status by the Conservatives.

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Conservative Party goes at Full Steam Ahead

12 Jun

The Conservatives are going full steam ahead with their agendas. The throne speech went through without debate or a vote, Baird defends the ever-growing cost of the Libya mission, and the Conservatives won’t go to the Supreme Court of Canada to get the green light for senate reform. All the while, the Auditor General slammed their secrecy over G8 spending.

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It May be Time for Canadians to Tighten Their Belts, but not the PMO

8 Jun

As the Conservatives announced cuts and user fees to come to public services and new austerity measures, Stephen Harper used his business jet to go to Game 4 of the Cup finals in Boston. Due to security reasons, Harper, his daughter Rachel, and Heritage Minister James Moore used a government Challenger Jet to get to the TD Garden for the game which cost $3,285 per hour to operate on the tax payers’ tab.

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