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Conservative Economic Record Gets Slammed

10 Nov

Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae criticized the government's fiscal management Wednesday during a speech, and talked about his party's vision for economic prosperity.Liberal Interim Leader Bob Rae slammed the Tory’s recent financial statement and offered up his own recipe to fixing Canada’s ailing economy.


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Canada’s Top Soldier thinks He is Entitled to Taxpayer Funded Plane Rides

18 Sep

Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Walter Natynczyk appears at the Commons defence committee on Parliament Hill in Ottawa Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2009. (Fred Chartrand /  THE CANADIAN PRESS)All across the country, Canadians are buckling down as income slows and prices rise. As we speak, there is speculation of another recession that would put Harper’s rhetoric in a  tailspin. However, if we look to Canada’s top soldier, he not only is spending more, he is using our money to do so.

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Harper’s Controversial Quotes

30 Jun

On April 25, a 500 page document was allegedly handed to the Liberal Party of Canada by Conservative insiders that contained an organized inventory of all of Stephen Harper’s controversial quotes ranging from abortion to western alienation.

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Conservative Party goes at Full Steam Ahead

12 Jun

The Conservatives are going full steam ahead with their agendas. The throne speech went through without debate or a vote, Baird defends the ever-growing cost of the Libya mission, and the Conservatives won’t go to the Supreme Court of Canada to get the green light for senate reform. All the while, the Auditor General slammed their secrecy over G8 spending.

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Flaherty intends to copy the Liberals

6 Jun

The Conservatives promised that they would get us out of deficit by 2014. However, such a promise won’t be visible in the upcoming budget. The Conservatives are well aware of the Liberal Party’s prudent economic abilities and plan to copy it. Jim Flaherty, Canada’s Finance Minister has declared that he doesn’t how to fix the economy, but knows that if he can figure out how the Liberals fixed the previous Tory mess, he can clean up his own.

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WikiLeaks: US Held off on Arctic Sovereignty Claim To Avoid Influencing the 2008 Election

17 May

WikiLeaks has leaked a diplomatic cable that suggests that in fear of influencing the outcome of the 2008 election – which gave Harper’s Conservatives a strengthened minority government – the White House delayed the release of a potentially controversial policy directive on the Arctic. The directive, titled the National Security/Homeland Security Presidential Directive, released in January 2009 was one of Republican President George Bush’s last policies before Democrat Barak Obama took office later that month.

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The Irony… This Week’s most Ironic Stories Surrounding the Government of Canada

14 May

There are a few pieces of irony that accompany this week’s news stories… These ironies consist of the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision to keep government documents secret, the promised surplus that won’t be seen in the upcoming budget, and the American mocking of Harper behind closed doors – as exposed by WikiLeaks – while publically supporting him. An ironic week indeed; let’s get started.

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