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Conservative Economic Record Gets Slammed

10 Nov

Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae criticized the government's fiscal management Wednesday during a speech, and talked about his party's vision for economic prosperity.Liberal Interim Leader Bob Rae slammed the Tory’s recent financial statement and offered up his own recipe to fixing Canada’s ailing economy.


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Conservative Majority: Five Months Later; The Reason Why it Came to Be

24 Oct

Stephen harper may proudly pronounce that the Conservative Party is Canada’s party but if we look at the trends and the likely factors that brought the May 2011 result, we can see a different picture arise.


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Canada’s Top Soldier thinks He is Entitled to Taxpayer Funded Plane Rides

18 Sep

Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Walter Natynczyk appears at the Commons defence committee on Parliament Hill in Ottawa Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2009. (Fred Chartrand /  THE CANADIAN PRESS)All across the country, Canadians are buckling down as income slows and prices rise. As we speak, there is speculation of another recession that would put Harper’s rhetoric in a  tailspin. However, if we look to Canada’s top soldier, he not only is spending more, he is using our money to do so.

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How Stephen Harper’s Misguided Decisions will Finish Canada Off

17 Aug

Stephen Harper Cuts Stimulus

In 2008, Stephen harper was reluctant to take notice of the coming recession and denied its existence until it hit hard. On the eve of the storm’s arrival, Harper faked an election to try to get a majority, thinking that the recession would be his downfall if he didn’t. He fell short of a majority and rode through the storm taking almost every demand the sharp-bladed opposition shoved at him.

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NDP Supporters can Stop Supporting Turmel Now, Party Insiders have lost Confidence

5 Aug

NDP 'unease' surrounds Turmel's Bloc secrecy

It isn’t everyday that you hear of a federal opposition leader being secretly a part of a separatist party in the past. It isn’t everyday that the same person has two memberships with separatist parties and tries to brush them off saying that she believed in every value but separation. With two parties under her wing that share the separatist trait, and with 5 years of loyalty to them, it is no secret that she is a separatist and well, the NDP could have done much better than her anyway.

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Ethics Commissioner: Helena Guergis Broke Ethics Rules

14 Jul

Helena Guergis broke ethics rules, watchdog says

Ethics commissioner Mary Dawson released a report today saying that former Conservative MP Helena Guergis broke ethics rules when she wrote a recommendation for a constituent whose business was linked to her husband’s.

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Stephen Harper’s Misunderstanding of Where He Stands in the Public Eye

11 Jul

At the Calgary Stampede Barbeque, Harper took an opportunity to do what he does best: attack his opposition. However, his pitch to convince party faithful that their party has the big Mo may be unfounded.

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