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Conservative Fined for Breaking Election Rules

10 Nov

An Elections Canada official removes a box of files from Conservative Party headquarters in Ottawa on April 15, 2008. - An Elections Canada official removes a box of files from Conservative Party headquarters in Ottawa on April 15, 2008. | Tom Hanson/The Canadian PressIt appears the ‘tough on crime’ Conservatives aren’t as worthy of that title as we think. In an ongoing dispute with Elections Canada, the Conservatives pleased guilty to lessen the consequences of their guilty individuals who would have faced jail time for Electoral Fraud.


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Conservative Majority: Five Months Later; The Reason Why it Came to Be

24 Oct

Stephen harper may proudly pronounce that the Conservative Party is Canada’s party but if we look at the trends and the likely factors that brought the May 2011 result, we can see a different picture arise.


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NDP Supporters can Stop Supporting Turmel Now, Party Insiders have lost Confidence

5 Aug

NDP 'unease' surrounds Turmel's Bloc secrecy

It isn’t everyday that you hear of a federal opposition leader being secretly a part of a separatist party in the past. It isn’t everyday that the same person has two memberships with separatist parties and tries to brush them off saying that she believed in every value but separation. With two parties under her wing that share the separatist trait, and with 5 years of loyalty to them, it is no secret that she is a separatist and well, the NDP could have done much better than her anyway.

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The NDP and Conservatives Fail to Make Public Safety Top Priority

19 Jul

(Graham Hughes/The CANADIAN PRESS)The Champlain Bridge is crumbling down but for both the NDP and Conservatives, it isn’t a big issue. With the NDP only releasing a small statement and the Conservatives breaking their heads on how to deal with the documentation, bridge users – like myself – have absolutely no guarantee that the bridge will be replaced and there is no guarantee that the replacement will come before the bridge collapses and people die painful deaths as they plummet into the St. Lawrence.

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Harper’s Controversial Quotes

30 Jun

On April 25, a 500 page document was allegedly handed to the Liberal Party of Canada by Conservative insiders that contained an organized inventory of all of Stephen Harper’s controversial quotes ranging from abortion to western alienation.

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Nanos Poll Gives Tories 14 Point Lead

27 Jun

A new Nanos poll shows the end of the NDP honeymoon as their poll numbers are slipping. Meanwhile, the Conservatives are growing, the Liberals are recovering and the Bloc Quebecois remain crushed.

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Opinion: Liberal-NDP Merger: A Disaster in the Making

23 Jun

There has been a lot of speculation around Liberal-NDP merger and while the Liberal Party has swiftly stopped its main proponent Bob Rae from being able to discuss the topic, the NDP kept itself open by rejecting an internal proposal to prevent future talks of merger. While many people have different takes on a proposed merger, what would be the consequence if they chose to or not to merge in the near future?

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