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WikiLeaks: US Held off on Arctic Sovereignty Claim To Avoid Influencing the 2008 Election

17 May

WikiLeaks has leaked a diplomatic cable that suggests that in fear of influencing the outcome of the 2008 election – which gave Harper’s Conservatives a strengthened minority government – the White House delayed the release of a potentially controversial policy directive on the Arctic. The directive, titled the National Security/Homeland Security Presidential Directive, released in January 2009 was one of Republican President George Bush’s last policies before Democrat Barak Obama took office later that month.

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WikiLeaks Strikes Again… This time Concerning the Arctic and Afghanistan

14 May

The Americans just aren’t buying Harper’s arctic promises, but instead thinks that it is nothing more than a political joy ride, a WikiLeaks cable suggests. The cable came from the US Embassy in Ottawa and was posted by an online whistleblower.

It turns out that what happens behind the scenes contradicts the public message that the American and Canadian governments are getting along…

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