Harper’s Controversial Quotes

30 Jun

On April 25, a 500 page document was allegedly handed to the Liberal Party of Canada by Conservative insiders that contained an organized inventory of all of Stephen Harper’s controversial quotes ranging from abortion to western alienation.

The investigation was headed by Harper’s right hand man Tom Flanagan who wrote, “When I became chief of staff in 2003, one of the first things I did was organize a ‘Harper research’ program to collect everything he had ever written or said in public,” in his book Harper’s Team. He refused to comment on how the binder got obtained by the Liberals.

A Tory source who was familiar with Flanagan’s project told CBCthat the binder was genuine and that it included all of the up-to-date installments of their research which started in 2003.

For a brief period of time during the election, the Liberals released parts of these documents on their website and they are now available for viewing here.

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Did the Conservatives declare mutiny on Stephen Harper?

The Documents that Contain Harper’s Controversial Quotes


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