Is There Something Wrong With Canada’s Electoral System?

7 May

If you take the results of this election – percentage-wise and compare the actual seat count with the hypothetical based on proportional representation, you will see that the Canadian people have been cheated. With a governing majority based off of 40% of the votes, it doesn’t require much knowledge to realize that 60% of the population that voted – 61% – are not represented in this equation. This scenario means significantly less seats for the Conservatives, and a Green Party that meets the official party status with 12 seats. Maybe it is time that Canadians considered electoral reform to ensure their voices get heard. It is democracy, isn’t it?


Above is how democracy in Canada would look like if the seats were distributed based on the percentage of votes cast vs. the seats that were granted by riding. It makes a strong difference. To those who want to get technical, 40% is not the majority of the population.

In other countries like France and Chili and others in Europe and across the globe, 51% of the population must vote for the winning party. In other words, if the winning party won with 49%, the election would have to be cast all over again. In Chili in particular, there are two rounds of voting.

In the first round of voting, the seats are distributed to show what kind of parliament they would get from vote splitting. Then, they would hold a second election where the two parties with the most amount of votes would battle head to head – either can choose to run as a coalition with other parties if they liked – and the winner would be the party with more than 50% of the vote. This would also stop the possibility of an ‘unelected coalition’ since the voters decide between two parties to form their government and the coalition idea would happen at this point before the vote.

It is time that Canada reconsider its electoral system. When a party can claim they represent Canadians with only 40% of its populace behind them, you know that there is a problem.

In this scenario, the Conservatives would run against the NDP or NDP-Liberal Coalition for the final vote and the winner of that vote with more than 50% of the vote would form the majority government and run the country for the 4 year term.


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