Election 2011 Day 13 Another Conservative Charged with Fraudulent Activity

7 Apr

It appears that the Conservative Party cannot keep themselves out of trouble. For a party that came to power on accountability and vowed to be ‘Tough on Crime,’ this party and government has been anything but. A Toronto businessman can be added to the list of Conservatives who have been deemed corrupt. Snover Dhillon is facing a criminal charge for allegedly fraudulent credit and debit card withdrawals – a background that didn’t prevent him from sitting with Harper’s family at last week’s rally.

Dhillon violated his bail terms when he left Ontario to go to a Conservative Convention in Halifax to meet up with Tory MP for Barrie, Ontario, Patrick Brown.

The Conservatives have come under fire for their strict vetting of rally attendees and for Harper’s ties with Bruce Carson, his right hand man who has been charged five times for fraud before he was hired.

Dhillon runs an organization that published a magazine called “Rising India.” The Indo-Canadian Peace Alliance names Brown a member of their advisory, a role that Brown claims he is unaware of.

In the August-September issue of the magazine, several pictures of Dhillon with several Conservative MPs were published.

Dhillon also runs the Everonwards Realty and Manage Ltd. company where he was charged in December for allegedly running up credit and debit cards while providing credit counseling to a Brampton mother named Raj Kumari Seedhar.

He is scheduled to appear in court on May 2.

Dhillon told The Canadian Press, “We are getting a very good response from the Indo-Canadian community. We were out door-knocking the last couple of days and we are getting signs and a commitment from a lot of people…that did vote the last time for the Liberals but did change their minds and are converting with us.”

With allegations of fraudulent activity,on the horizon, if the past has taught us anything, these people will change their minds and the Conservatives just lost another opportunity at gaining support to get their long-anticipated majority.


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